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creative journaling


Hi there! I am Olivera - an illustrator and surface pattern designer, helping you have a fabulous and easy artistic journaling journey!

I started journaling and planning, semi-consistently since 2015. I used to juggle between my wish to keep up with my schedule for planning and journaling and the dynamics of the day. My life used to be so stressful and hectic, that I felt like I'm at the edge of the Tornado and I'm not kidding at all.

I knew that persistent introspection through journaling will bring me peace and clarity in spite of all the noise around me and help me stay on my course and that is how it happened. It happened to a lot of people; it happened to me and it will bring you the peace and clarity you strive for.

My Journaling Journey

In a few years, I tried a minimalistic approach because it felt like it took the least amount of time; I doodled, used colored pencils, collaged my pages, used stickers, got back to minimalistic yet again and here I am now, developed my own system that allows me to practice my own creativity, to create beautiful images and to make my journals a real treasure.

Contrary to my belief, a minimalistic approach didn't take the least amount of time. I like it and I like how some other people are doing it, but I am the least consistent with minimalistic journal and planner. I don't do it! I don't find it engaging at all! I just have to add artistic flair to make time for it and to perceive it as important.

I used to make a lot of stuff. I love making stuff! I sew, make furniture, sculpt, do papier mache, decoupage, paint furniture, paint paintings, make fine art prints, make trinkets for my garden and whatnot. But, over the years many pieces that I didn't sell or give as a gift ended up in my attic, collecting dust. So I am channeling this huge desire to create beautiful things into a digital world where they would make "less" clutter.

Since I can't journal on digital gadgets and I really need a tactile feel of pen and paper, I made this hybrid version of journaling, which is, by the way, good for perfectionists too.

Of course, you can make a mistake when writing, but, when you do your art on a computer, you'll have exactly what you need and there is no need to keep a separate room for stationery. With the help of the materials I provide and tutorials, you will be able to practice self-care and self-love and to curate your life while expanding your creativity.

I am happy to help you with your creative journey from the very beginning.

Why Atelier

Atelier means art studio in French.

This website is all about art. What I've noticed is that people start using the word "studio" for everything and anything and I wanted things to be clear from the beginning. Besides, when famous fashion designers use the word "Atelier", it means that pieces that come from it are of the best materials, made by the best seamstresses, carefully curated collection ;)


Who am I?


I am an artist behind Olivera Atelier. I am an illustrator and surface pattern designer. I hold BFA as an Art Teacher and I am a self-taught digital artist. I taught art to kids, art students and adults.



A Few Things About Me

I grew up in a photo studio, so I held a photo camera from an early age, but my true love was for colors and I always loved to mess with them (literally). 

I graduated from Art College (BFA) and became Art Teacher (Middle School), but I came back to my college and worked there with students, where I realized how even art students hesitate to call themselves artists and to express themselves freely. I made my mission to help people express themselves artistically without fear and without borders. At the same time, I made it very practical and doable even for very busy people. 

Ok, now that you know that I learned stuff for real, I'll show you some more.

I was drawing, painting and sculpting my whole life. It's something you are born with. I didn't know what talent is nor did I care. I just wanted to do art. Among many other interests in my life, art somehow got lost in a crowd. I was disconnected from the outside world and followed my inner gut of being a Renaissance person. At the age of seventeen, I thought I might take some art classes, just to do something nice for fun. I took dancing lessons too. And I thrived in both, but art became more important to my inner self.

My art professor from a private art studio where I learned the most of my craft and where the artist in me awakened, was an elderly gentleman whom I respected greatly. The tasks he gave me resonated with me on a level that I never felt before. 

"Take a wide brush and draw the composition with massive strokes for a beginning", he said. I never heard words like that before. There were no pencils in the painting, only brushes with loads of color. "If you make a mistake, go with a darker color and draw everything one more time". Those were the words that were embedded in me wish to become a painter. Later, when I made my first attempt in oils, I was exalted by how smooth the brush glides over the canvas. I literary said: "Yap, this is the one. This is going to be my favorite technique". And so it is, by this day.



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