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lifestyle on the artside


Hi there! I am Olivera - an illustrator and surface pattern designer, helping working moms having a fabulous and easy artistic journey!

Yes, you read it right: you don't have to draw or paint and you can be extremely busy and you can still make it. I will show you how, I will help you and provide you with unique, hand-drawn material.

I am happy to help you with your creative journey from the very beginning.

I created this place to share, teach and help working moms have that little extra space just for themselves to relax, grow and develop the creativity that is already in all of us. I made it fun, easy and practical so that you never have to assign a special spot or an incredible amount of time to do it. I am so thrilled you are here!

I draw and paint digital assets to help you with your creative projects. I also like to chat about art and design and creativity; home decoration and crafts; the beautiful side of life. If you always wanted to do something artistically, but life stood in a way, this is your ticket to go back to the magic land of art and creativity. I love helping non-artists bring more art into their lives!


Why Atelier

Atelier means art studio in French.

This website is all about art. What I've noticed is that people start using the word "studio" for everything and anything and I wanted things to be clear from the beginning.







Who am I?

My name is OLIVERA KOVACEVIC. I am an artist behind Olivera Atelier. I am an illustrator and surface pattern designer. I hold BFA and I am a self-taught digital artist. 






A Few Things About Me

I grew up in a photo studio, so I held a photo camera from an early age, but my true love was for colors and I always loved to mess with them (literally). 

I graduated from Art College (BFA) and became Art Teacher (Middle School), but I came back to my college and worked there with students, where I realized how even art students hesitate to call themselves artists and to express themselves freely. I made my mission to help people express themselves artistically without fear and without borders. At the same time, I made it very practical and doable even for very busy people. 


More questions? Check out my FAQ

For art licensing, please email: oliverastudio@gmail.com