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What Will Happen In 2022? Have You Start Planning Yet?

Inspiration | 9 June 2023

What will happen in 2022? Will you let everything roll as it did before, or will you take things in your own hands and finally become your own leader?

Learn how to finally start planning consistently even if you find it hard to maintain a habit.

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I've had some hardships in my life. The one thing I found very helpful to overcome hard times is the mindset of actively seeking to be involved in life; our lives constantly change and if we don't move forward, we won't stay where we are: we'll move backward.

Things can change only with our mindful approach to them.

Nobody wants to move backward. Nobody wants to see their life going in the wrong direction and although sometimes it happens whether we do something about it or not, there are plenty of other opportunities where we can actively make things work in our favor. Just thinking about it, you can remember at least a few times in your recent history when you could've changed things if only you pre-planned, even the smallest things, like not wasting your time for the whole week or the whole month... Now, tell me if I am right.

I don't want you to be in that place anymore. And, I know you know all about planning and journaling, but hear me out. If you are here it means the information you've found so far is not working for you. I want it to work for you and that's why I'm writing this.

And if you have any more questions, more obstacles, more reservations towards planning until the end of this post, I am expecting you to act and comment below and we will try and find out how to overcome that problem together. No more missed opportunities for you and no more lost time that you know you could've used to be happier and more content with yourself.

Fear of Making Plans

This fear is both real and not really what it appears to be. What you feel like fear of planning is the fear of failure, where you fear that you will make plans, not execute them and then feel like a failure yourself, so it's better not to start anyway.

The other reason could be that you love to live the life in your dreams. It's like reading a book: you go through experiences, but they are not really happening to you; they might be vivid and complex, but you are not willing to take the next step of starting to plan how to bring them into reality.

Living in a dream is good because it develops your imagination and gives you additional insights of what might be possible. Inventors are dreamers; artists are dreamers; writers are dreamers... architects are dreamers. But, dreamers can move the world forward only if they act.

So, they're actually two paths that are available to you when it comes to dreaming

  • to leave it be there and act as a positive hormone booster

  • deciding to bring those dreams into reality and see what can you do about it.

There is no right or wrong here. Both are good if they work for you.

I'll give you an example, to illustrate this thought further: let's say you work a corporate job. You work for many hours and when you relax, you tend to imagine yourself on the beach doing nothing that could disrupt the blissful tranquility you're in.

The day of your vacation approaches and now you don't want to go to the mountains, you don't want to go to explore other cities: you want to go to that beach and live that relaxing day you've been imagining all those months. So you make a plan, you know what do you want and start preparing.

It's simple as that. Now do that with all segments of your life.

How To Develop A Habit of Planning?

The first fear I spoke of was the fear of planning. I would like to elaborate a little more about it here.


Why do you want to plan stuff in your life? What do you expect it does for you in the long run? Write it down on whatever works for you, or on several places until you figure out what works for you.


If planning is not developed as a habit, it will fail. When you were a child, you didn't have a habit of washing your teeth. Your parents (or whoever was taking care of you) saw that it was done.

In time, no one had to ask you if you washed your teeth anymore because you've developed a habit.

Now, we are slowly progressing to a place where you are taking in how serious planning is for your wellbeing. I was there too, in complete ignorance and seduced by people around me who were telling me that they don't need to plan because they know what they are supposed to do. Having decent lives, I didn't think their belief is false.

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