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creative journaling

You can find my designs in various Print On Demand shops. Below are links to them, just click on a square with the name of a service provider and it will take you straight there. I carefully choose those that are among the best in the world regarding the quality of both printing and materials they work with to give you the best solution. 

Print-on-demand shops are services that allow designers to sell their own designs on basic apparel, home decor and other everyday objects. They have a bulk of blank things and are printed only if you order them, which makes them sustainable.

All shops are independable and have their own customer service, so please read their policies before buying and read product descriptions and reviews of buyers to get a better understanding of whether the product is a right fit for you. I have seen various observations in reviews and simple liking and disliking mean nothing if they didn't say why. It often happens that someone will like something and the next person won't and vice versa. So keep an open mind about it. These shops have thousands of satisfied customers and that is why I chose them. Now it's up to you to find your uniquely designed items. Thank you.