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the artsy mom lifestyle

Start Here

Hello and welcome to Olivera Atelier!

I made this place for busy moms to find a way to express themselves creatively through artistic outlets. Being artistic is good for our well being, but sometimes it is hard to jump into creativity mode, just like that. Overwhelmed with everyday chores and errands, it is hard to know where to start. 

That is the first thing I made about this approach - to be easy to jump in and out whenever YOU feel like it.

I also made it very practical, as much as it can be, so most things on this site are done digitally, but they can be easily combined with paper crafting as well and I will talk about it as we go (please contact me for more information here).

If you ever had that inner desire to be an artist, but it never happened, if you need a hobby as a mental escape, or to develop your own creativity and in a beautiful, artistic way, you made it to the right place.

About Art resources

Everything I create is hand-drawn digitally, on a graphic tablet, or hand-painted or drawn and scanned. I create hi-res images that can be downloadable and used digitally or printed and used traditionally, for your scrapbooking, art journal, teaching resources, or craft projects.

So, what exactly we do here?

  • digital scrapbooking
  • art journaling and zentangle
  • photography (just basic stuff for your best end results)
  • e- cards (people love when you think about them)
  • coloring pages and books (just relax)
  • hybrid scrapbooking, decoupage and other projects alike
  • simple photo manipulation, photo collages, etc


But, these are just tools. What I want to teach YOU, is to have more joy in your life through creativity and to develop a mindset of an artist.

You heard me right: digital scrapbooking, art journaling, drawing, painting, crafting are tools; through them, you will develop your artistic perception; you will spot a good style, misplaced architectural element, well-designed park. You will learn how to hone your personal style and the style of your home.

Above all, you will spend your time doing something beautiful and THAT FEELS GOOD.


Why digital? Haven't we enough computers in our daily life?


  • you can take it with you on your laptop or tablet wherever you go
  • no special place dedicated to your craft that would take your space
  • no cleaning afterward - when you finish, that's it!
  • no clutter, no mess, no dusting
  • buy one kit and use it for several scrapbooking projects, or print it as many times as you need
  • we don't cut precious photos here and you can use them with interesting effects unavailable in traditional scrapbooking and still print them as a book. 


  • I like crafting too much 
  • crickets


If that is the case, there are two options for you

  1. print material and then use it as a traditional scrapbooking material
  2. do hybrid scrapbooking (the best of both worlds)


I promise a fun, tons of quality material, interesting facts, advice and help on your journey and few organizational tips we all need even in virtual space.

I am here to help you awake the creative beast inside you and you don't have to know how to draw or paint, you'll still trigger few sighs here and there with your own masterpieces.

If you never did any form of art in your life, besides, perhaps in school, you will find all the answers you need right here. 

Creating, crafting and art further develop creativity in all of us: when we start creating, something magical happens. We begin to feel our inner self and we start to feel positive vibes from within; a sense of accomplishment and self-worth. So, don't rob yourself of this precious activity and start today! 


What Will I find On Olivera Atelier?

Becoming a creator rather than just a consumer, inspiration for your creative juices and:

  • information and inspiration on digital scrapbooking
  • some tips on photography for making better photos
  • coloring pages and books for children and adults, both digital and hard copy
  • trends on home design in themes, colors and patterns
  • how to start art journaling without drawing/painting skills
  • party organizing tips and trends with coordinating paper decor
  • books for children with wonderful illustrations for free
  • tips on how to decor with decoupage technique

and plenty more! 

There are different sections here so that you can easily navigate. There are, however, some things you can not see on the home page (except on mobile) simply because they are not the main focus of the site, but you can find them on a blog page categories and they are inspiration and planning and organization.

Planning and then executing is a vital part of any artistic process because it helps you have a vision if are you using your time wisely. In a long run, you will be able to perceive how much time you will need for a certain process and you will plan much better, so let your first tries go as a series of tests, don't fuss about them.

Let's have some fun!