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creative journaling

Start Here

Welcome to my humble art studio, where new art is freshly brewed just for you, to taste it and to use it with joy!

Journaling is a vital part of self-love and self-curating and that is why it's so important to start with it if you haven't already. Here, at Olivera Atelier, we understand you and support you. We understand that you will not have the time to pack and unpack your art supplies, to clean after every interrupted attempt to do something creative: we understand and we are here to help you create art even if you are totally scared of drawing or painting: we will help you create masterpieces of your own.

Moreover, you can start and finish wherever you need without decluttering afterward. 

If you can't draw or paint but you would still like to make some art, it is possible! With our graphic assets, it's all possible!

So don't hesitate to join our little community. Read our blog posts and join our email newsletter.